Sunday, February 22, 2009

As, a reflection to this Van Gogh painting, in which is very colorful, I wander about the picture & its chair. "Who is sitting on that chair?" You or I. "How many thoughts are running in my mind?" Our thoughts are wild & crazy, especially, when you aren't able to have control with so many negativity around us in these crazy times. "What will I solve by thinking?" Many thoughts runs when we are focusing on any object, that follows past, present, future & tomorrow. What are the colors telling me? There are many questions, in our daily lives. Are there any control of those questions in our minds, inner & outer self, we ask ourselves. Of course, there is an answer: Your spiritual confidence, personal confidence & your strength!!!!As, I sit in that chair, I say to myself, each color could reflect many things in life. Such as, pros & cons, positive & negative. My solution will be my Faith, spiritual confidence, personal confidence & strength will continue beyond my steps toward the forward line of my & our lives....What is your reflection upon this picture?

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